PhotoBox started with a simple idea in mind, ‘how can I store my photos somewhere that is easily accessible buy at least 2 devices while acting as a back-copy for the images?’


(this is mostly repeated at the start of post 1)
Initial thoughts were that I should just a cloud-based file-service like drop-box, onedrive or googledrive. While such services work well in many cases, I have 2 issues about using their services: the limit on data (for free) and the ability to ‘backup and share photos without an internet connection. Naturally clouds based servers, by nature are on the internet, so a local storage solution became the focus. I’d used disk stations sych as Synology and Lacie before, which can provide could-like data services running locally on your own network (some even with built-in wifi). Both were ruled out for 2 reasons: lack of battery support (internal battery that is) and cost.